There are many benefits to adopting a cat or kitten from Peggy Adams Rescue League.  All animals come with a clean bill of health, spayed or neutered, a microchip, all age appropriate vaccines and 30 days free pet insurance. Also, you will have access to the Walk-in Wellness Clinic and Training/Behavioral classes  for your

Peggy Adams pet.

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I'm Katuna

I look like a fluffy cottonball.  I was at my foster mom's house when her friends from Bonaire were visiting. Hence the name Katuna, which means cotton in Papiamentu.  I'm just a baby, but I'm growing fast.  I love to eat.  I can run and play with the bigger cats now, but they are much stronger than me. The dogs like to lick me, but I don't need a bath!  I can clean myself.

Breed: Mixed

Color: Tortoiseshell

Age: 7 weeks

Sex: Female

Hair: Medium - Long


I'm Snickers

I was roaming the streets of West Palm Beach before I was found.  I am so happy to have a hoe to be in.  I get to play with other cats and dogs.  I am so grateful to have food, water and lots of love everyday.  I love to cuddle on you, especially when we go to bed.  I like to snuggle in warm places, like your arms or neck. I'm ready to play laser tag and entertain you with my kitten joy.

Breed: Mixed

Color: Calico

Age: 10 weeks

Sex: Female

Hair: Short


Thinking of adding a cat to your family?  We know you'll be proud to adopt a pet in need - it's the snuggliest option! 

  1. Decrease symptoms of depression by reducing stress and anxiety.

  2. Lowers the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

  3. Constant companion during the loneliness of times.

  4. Low maintenance pet.

  5. Helps deter pests.

  6. All adoptable pets come spayed or neutered.

  7. Are up to date on vaccines, flea control and are micro-chipped.

  8. Promote a strong immune system in children.

  9. They require little supervision.

  10. They bathe themselves.

  11. No house breaking required.

  12. Endless entertainment.

Contact us to find out more information about our foster kittens.  We know they will be purrfect companion for you. 


you had me at meow


Welcome a new kitten into your life! When you adopt a kitten, you will feel proud about helping an animal in need.  And you get a new best friend out of the deal.  What can be better than that?

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