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We've Relocated!

Mel is so excited to announce her new training facility location!  It has been a dream of hers to run her own barn and training facility.  We are now located in the beautiful Royal Palm Beach.  Visit the Facility tab above to learn more! 


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I've known Mel since she was 15 years old. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching her develop a s a rider and trainer.  I host her at my farm in Quinton, NJ once a month.  She offers a strong basic approach that makes it easy to comprehend and recreate.  All of the horses improve month to month and the riders' enjoy her positive and constructive coaching.

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My mare, Calendar Girl, has had quite the training journey throughout the years.  When she began training with Mel she was a hunter, but unhappy with her job.  Mel suggested that dressage might be a more pleasing career for her.  In 6 months Mel has taken her from being reluctant to even canter to ready to show 3rd level.  Even more importantly, my horse is happy. Thank you, Mel, for helping Calendar Girl discover how to be happy in her job again!

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My daughter, Dami, is 13 years old.  She clinics with Mel once a month at Foxfire Farm.  After every clinic she expresses to me how much she loved her lessons and learned so much.  Dami has told me in our discussions about her lessons that she feels that she is a lot like Mel.  As a mother, that gives me the most joy to see my daughter succeed and be excited to learn.  Im so grateful we met Mel, someone she looks up to and respects.

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