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Join us at beautiful Golden Gait Farm and take advantage of our on-site training packages. Packages range from three to five services per week and these  can consist of any combination of lessons or training rides. Our packages include a nutritional evaluation as well as continuous nutrition monitoring and management of veterinary & farrier appointments. Our focus on superior horse management keeps all the equine athletes in our program happy and healthy.

Mel has a proven record of producing horses—of various breeds—from the very beginning of their career under saddle all the way through FEI. Whatever your goals in the arena, Mel can help you get there , all while maintaining your horse's optimal condition.




Have a competitive side? So do we! April through November, chances are you'll see us at the various venues in Region 1. We're conveniently located fifteen mins from the Horse Park of New Jersey, making it one of our favorite venues. We also attend the major yearly championships including the GAIGs and US Dressage Finals when we have qualified riders! For those competing FEI we attend Dressage at Devon and other CDIs on the east coast.  Schooling shows are also available to horses & riders that are new to competing and need to gain experience and confidence away from home. We make showing fun and relaxed as possible! Join us for a team dinner!



Purchasing a new horse should be a positive and thrilling experience. But things can go awry if you are purchasing without the assistance of an experienced trainer.  We specialize in appropriate matches for horse and rider. We take many variables into consideration before we begin our search such as: your skill level, goals, height, confidence, training schedule, budget, and personal preferences on breeds, gender, and colors. Regardless of your budget, we will find you the perfect horse.


1  Search -  You’ll be able to search for horses without committing or feeling pressure. Browse listings, save favorites and ask questions. As a buyer, we will pre-qualify you and the horses before you start trials to be confident the horse is accurately presented and worth the trip. 

2 Trial - Set up a riding trial to ride the horses. Set up travel arrangements and confirm the details. Together, we will decide which horses we want to revisit for a second, or even third, trial ride . A fee of $100 (not including food & travel if required) is charged for every horse we see together. If you end up purchasing a horse we find for you, the fee will be deducted out of our commission at the completion of the sale.

3 Pre Purchase Exam - The veterinary exam should be set up as soon as possible after the final trial ride.  If you don't already have a vet you're comfortable using we can suggest multiple well-qualified, trustworthy vets in the area. 

4 Offer - Depending on the pre purchase findings, we'll present an offer to the seller.  As your agent, we're committed to negotiating you the best possible price. 

5 Close - Once complete, a fee of 10% as the buyer agent commission will be charged. We can arrange for safe transport for your new best friend!


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When the time comes to find your horse a new home you can trust us to make the transition smooth.  We know that you want your horse to find the best home possible while also selling at a price you're comfortable with.  

How Selling Works

1 Evaluation - We conduct an in-depth evaluation of the horse that will help us decide on a price.  It is ideal if the horse comes with all current vet records and x-rays.  Eliminating surprises relieves stress for all parties. Variables such as age, training, temperament, rideability, trainability, maintenance required and breeding will determine an appropriate price.  

2 Marketing - We take immense pride in our marketing strategies. Your horse will have professional quality photos and videos taken that show off their best qualities.  We advertise on all mainstream platforms like Facebook, Instagram,, etc...

3 Trials - Our team will jump through hoops to accommodate a buyer's schedule to ensure they have the opportunity to try your horse. We beautifully prepare them to make a lasting first impression. An appropriate match is our main concern so if at anytime we feel it is not the right combination we will stop the trial.  We stay vigilant to actively promote and present your horse to buyers.

4 Pre Purchase Exam - We are ready and able to assist in whatever the vet needs.  

5 Offer - Depending on what the pre purchase reveals the buyer may try to negotiate the price.  This is where your bottom dollar price comes in. While the ultimate goal is to sell the horse we will not pressure you to accept an offer you're not comfortable with. Once the price is agreed upon, the appropriate paperwork signed and the funds have been transferred a 10% commission on the final sale price will be charged.

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