Maintaining a world class athlete of a horse takes an entire team to keep them performing at their very best. The costs of training, boarding, veterinary and farrier expenses can be overwhelming for a rider to cover themselves.  By supporting Mel Montagano of Prestige Performance Horses USA in their journey to represent the USA in international competitions and championships, you will have the chance of a lifetime to be an integral part of the team.  Your contribution will gain you behind the scenes access to daily  at home training routines and competitions.  


Join us on a ride of a lifetime as we pursue the ultimate goal of competing at the Olympic and World Equestrian Games.


The most important piece of your wardrobe - a helmet.  Even on the safest horses, accidents happen.  Mel doesn't put a foot in the stirrup without a OneK Helmet on. These helmets are so well ventilated you'll forget you're even wearing it.  She schools in the Defender black suede and Avance with rose gold stripes. To show she likes a bit more flare and chooses the Defender blue Celestial helmet.Mel especially loves the removable liners that she can easily throw in the washer and eliminate dirt and sweat build up.  Whether your taste is very simple or extravagant, they carry a style and fit to match you perfectly.  



English Riding Supply is one of America's largest equine product distributor.  Not only do they represent brands like Romfh, One K, and Ovation, but other brands you're familiar with like Happy Mouth Bits and Veredus.  From barn supplies to show apparel, ERS is serving your favorite brands to tack shops in your area no matter where you are! Mel is grateful to be partnered with a company that continually allows for growth.  With customer care being their top priority you can be sure that the product you are purchasing will hold its value.  If you're a tack shop owner or aspiring owner, ERS is the first call you should make for the best name brand equine products on the market!

Ovation mel montagano prestige performan

Looking great doesn't have to break the bank.  Ovation riding apparel has an extensive line of moderately priced equestrian wear for all disciplines of English riding!  From the schooling at home to the CDI ring, Mel enjoys their comfortable materials and simple, yet flattering designs. Ovation also has competitively priced horse wear, tack,  and riding boots!  Ovation can supply yours and your horse's entire wardrobe on a budget during all 4 seasons with an extensive line of summer and winter tack and apparel.

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Have your gloves ever gotten so damp and sweaty on a hot summer show day that all the sudden your reins start slipping out of your hands?  If so, then it's time to make the switch to Roeckl gloves. Mel is proud to be among the top dressage riders in the world riding in Roeckl gloves. You'll enjoy the perfect fit, tactical fingers for smartphone use, and the no slip grip!  With so many different styles and colors there is a glove to match every outfit and every occasion. 


Romfh equestrian apparel expertly combines comfort, style, fit and performance.  Their innovative and fun designs are eye capturing, yet truly professional.  Mel feels her most confident when she can express her individuality through their unique colors and designs, but also ride comfortably under the hot Florida sun.  The material remains cool and drying even on the hottest Summer days.  The flattering cuts are perfectly suited to a woman's curves making the apparel flattering on and off the horse. With new designs coming out seasonally, be sure to check out their website so you can be the trendsetter in your area this season!

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Alberto Fasciani is well-known for the production of high quality riding boots. His motto: "Whoever wears my footwear must feel as if it belongs to him from the very first time, as if he spent his whole life with it." Hand-crafted in Italy and only the finest Italian leathers are used.  There is no need for bling and sparkle when you've got a beautifully finished brushed leather boot.  Standard sizes and custom boots available to suit your desired look and budget. Mel loves them so much she has 5 pairs! She loves schooling in her black and brown jumper style boots and showing in her brushed leather black dressage boots.  They also make a washable (yes you read that right - WASHABLE) boot that are perfect for tight packing and clinics.  Explore the website to pick out your next set  of boots!

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Choice of Champions International has been our longest running relationship and a true friend to our team.  Local to Wellington, we have had the opportunity to work closely together and remain supportive of one another.  Our horses have been on a regiment of UShield and Super Joint for years. We have had amazing success with these products and truly believe in their efficacy in maintaining a balanced gut and lubricated joints.  Easy Does It is a wonderful paste product we administer before horse shows to our young horses to ease their nerves and is 100% FEI legal.  Super Derm Solution is a staple in our grooming box to treat any skin abrasions from cuts to dermatitis.  



The Thinline products have maintained a permanent residence in Mel's tack room since her FEI Junior days in 2008.  There is nothing on the market that compares to the Trifecta saddle pads' shock absorption capabilities.  These products are great for both horse and rider.  That's why they are endorsed by spinal surgeons to reduce rider's back impact.  Mel has dealt with a sensitive lower back due to a L4/L5 disc issue, but riding on the Thinline pads has significantly controlled her back pain throughout the years.

While the half pads are what Thinline is most commonly known for, they offer so many other amazing products.  Mel also loves the english reins that are wrapped in Thinline technology.  Use code  Montagano15 for 15% off your online order! 

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The most important piece of equipment in your tack room is a properly fit saddle.  A saddle should first fit your horse and secondly, fit you!  That's why Mel trusts Trilogy saddles to keep her horses comfortable, swinging and fluid in their movement.  

Dutch Harness horses typically have a high wither ("sharks wither") which can be tricky to fit effectively.  Owner, Debbie Witty's, master saddlers are trained and practiced in fitting each horse.  

Mel is not the only trainer that loves Trilogy saddles!  Debbie has built an impressive team of riders that are all true believers in her skills as a developer and fitter.  She is a rider herself, held a position at Cornell University studying biomechanics, and received her saddle fitter certification from the Society of Master Saddle Fitters of England.  

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StressLess, produced by Centerline Distribution, has made all the difference in some of Mel's hotter horses in her program.  This all natural & show safe product helps maintain calm, focus and increases trainability.  It is derived from Casein protein via cow's milk and isolated without chemicals.  

This equine supplement encourages calm and focus but does not affect the motor skills or energy level of your horse. Mel notices a more willing and balanced temperament with no drowsiness or impaired performance in the arena.  The best part of this product is the calming, mood-balancing formula is the decrease in stress, which equals a happier horse and rider.


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ProElite feed, owned by Cargill, is the only feed that Mel trusts in her feed room.  With their unbeatable high quality nutrition standards, this line has made all the difference in her horses' body condition, coat and overall appearance. 

Because Mel has an extensive background in equine nutrition due to her Pre-Veterinary degree and time in the equine feed sales industry she can effectively discern between different quality of feeds.  She believes that each horse needs a customized nutrition plan to suit their individual needs.  That's why Mel works closely with the ProElite representatives to monitor closely the horses' body condition score.  There can only be one best, and ProElite is certain the best equine feed on the market!




Want the prestige of owning a horse?  Want to come to shows and be honored as the proud owner? We are looking for a horse sponsor to purchase an international quality dressage horse to compete with at an international level and to qualify for and go to the Olympics.  This investment doesn't stop at purchasing a horse, it continues with covering the stabling, feed, veterinary care, farrier services, on going training and show fees.  If you want to be part of our team, please contact us.

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